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Bliss Application was born in 2009, and we’re proud to say that it only took a couple of years for us to become a leader in software development within Portugal - with a team of more than 180 people.

Today, we’re global - as for clients and teams. From product managers to software engineers, from designers and marketeers to creatives, our offices are located in Lisbon, Porto and Boston, but we deliver high-end products that craft digital experiences, worldwide.

We’re part of something bigger - WYgroup -, the largest national digital marketing group in Portugal. WYgroup was created in 2001 and is currently a holding company of 7 independent companies and employs more than 400 people.
We craft digital experiences that people love
We have a clear mission: provide our customers great digital products that craft superior digital experiences to their clients.

We’ve launched more than 100 Digital Products in the last decade, with an experienced team of designers, engineers and creatives that work side by side with each client. Only this way we’re able to understand their needs to ensure that every single person that interacts with it is a satisfied client.

Our Product Design process is unique, yet inspired by proven methodologies such as Google Design Sprint and Design Thinking. This process is carried by certified professionals, always in close collaboration with our amazing IT team, our designers and our creatives in order to choose the best technical approach to deliver on time, on budget and with great quality.
What we do
At Bliss Applications, we transform great ideas into excellent Digital Products.
Product Strategy
Turning ideas into working products is at the core of what we do. We work with clients to define a problem that needs to be solved. Then we research, analyze the market to create a product roadmap, and setup a team that will ensure we build the best solution.
Product Design
From napkin sketch to hi-fi journeys, from MVP prototypes to full-fledged Design Systems, our team co-creates with the user the best possible digital experience.
Product Dev & QA
Engineering and Design weigh the same on a product’s success. That’s why our teams work together to build solutions, integrated in the current technology landscape, in an elegant and efficient way.
Maintenance & Growth
A Product is always evolving once it’s launched and we know it. At Bliss we have ongoing work with our clients to assure the stability, scalability and, ideally, the growth of each solution we build.

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